Yoga at St. Paul University Iloilo’s Wellness Program


MJ with Sir Ravi

Today, I am writing about a great news Sir Ravi shared with me about a new course at the Wellness Program of St. Paul University in Iloilo. As you all know, I am an avid yoga practitioner. And I have shared my experiences and learnings through yoga here in my blog. Check them out in my archives if you have time.

Because of the blog posts I have written about yoga, I’ve had a lot of readers email me or send me an inquiry through my contact form about where I practice yoga, who is my teacher/guru, what have I gained from practicing yoga, etc. I have replied to those inquiries gladly but today I am so happy to announce that one of the universities here in Iloilo is now offering a yoga course in their wellness program!

My yoga teacher Ravi Shankar is the best teacher there is here in Iloilo. And wherever he teaches – gym or any venue – that’s where I go too. And last Friday he informed me that he will be teaching at St. Paul University Iloilo and he told me to enrol there too. Long story short, we had our first class at St. Paul’s last Friday.

I am so glad that St. Paul’s Iloilo is now offering a yoga course because this means that yoga is now being slowly recognized here in our city. Maybe you are wondering why I am glad – well I will tell you this – many people will benefit from their yoga practice not only physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually - they will also be “awakened” and “enlightened”. If you are curious as to what I’m referring to then go join us now!

On my next blog post I will share with everyone how to enrol at St. Paul University’s Wellness Program, how much is the enrolment fee as well as the policies and contact information. Oh and I will also share the other courses that they offer. Stay tuned! :)


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