Iloilo City Hall Press Corp's Lakbay Aral with DOT

With Mr. Flord Calawag (Gen. Man. of Tibiao Fish Spa) - Sipal-Lagaw sa Tibiao.

I just had another weekend of pure awesomeness! It has been a string of travel weekends for me and last weekend was no exception. So here’s how I got lucky -again: Junelle was given an invitation by Ma’am Pearl Lena which she relayed to us in our Iloilo Bloggers Inc. group page on Facebook. It was an invitation from the Iloilo City Hall Press Corp for 2 bloggers to join them in ICHPC’s Lakbay Aral with DOT on June 18-20, 2011. Since no one was available – except me and Junnjun of GigsIlonggo) – that’s how we got lucky! :D

Indag-an Prim. Multi-Purpose Cooperative's youngest weaver.

So after that weekend I now have almost a month’s worth of blog posts to write and photos to share! This is just the teaser. :D

Isla Kapispisan

I’ve never visited so many places in Panay (or anywhere else) in just one day (well maybe except for Davao which I yet have to write about). I learned so much about Miag-ao, Antique, Aklan and Roxas. For one, I didn’t know that Tibiao will be hosting the International Kayaking Cup next year. Second, I didn’t know that Aklan is also home to one of the world’s most renowned mangrove forests. And third, I didn’t know that Capiz also offers a river tour in Roxas which is the Kadimahan River Tour!

With the Capiz Provincial Gov't Cultural Ensemble, Board Member Remia Fuentes-Bartolome (1st District), Tourism Officer Mr. Al Tesoro and Mr. Dino Altubano (Tour Guide for the Tourism Office)

Those are just some of the stuffs I learned and got to experience in the Lakbay Aral. I got to meet a lot of interesting people and I made new friends in the media as well. This is what I love most about being a blogger!

Kadimahan River Tour

Please watch out for my next blog posts about ICHPC’s Lakbay Aral. I will feature each of the wonderful experiences, the food and the spots we visited.

Aklan Freedom Shrine

Check back again tomorrow for more photos! :)


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