8th National Sunrise Festival Will Be In Iloilo

The 8th National Sunrise Festival will be held in Iloilo this year! Yes that’s right, I stumbled upon this great news while I was browsing through my Facebook news feed. It will be on November 25-27, 2011 at the Iloilo Sports Complex, La Paz. This will be a 3-day festival of music, art and culture. The theme of this year is “Iloilo Bugal Ko; Kultura Ko, Dungog Ko!”

I was invited by my friend Schunt last year to attend this event at the Sunshine City of Laoag, Province of Ilocos Norte but I was not able to attend because of two reasons; one it’s in Laoag and two, we were busy organizing the Visayas Blogging Summit. That’s why I am so happy to know that the 8th National Sunrise Festival will be hosted by Iloilo this year because I can finally attend.

The Sunrise Festival is actually a celebration of arts for service and blessedness held annually in the different regions of Maharlika – Philippines. It is a socio-cultural festivity that is a collaborative effort among professional and upcoming artists in the country. A national event spearheaded by the Maharlika Artists and Writers Federation or MAWF. The Sunrise Festival is a continuing national cultural movement to develop a high value and a total integration of all aspects of arts in the country particularly in music, theatre, literary, dance, senses, emotions and intuition and spirit. The festival is a roaming event participated by artists with the sole purpose of uplifting humanity  through arts. The event discusses and shares how artists and art communities contribute into medium of social and cultural transformation.

So save the date and hope to meet you there!


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