Yoga for Health–Yoga and Health Symposium

Last weekend Tim and I attended the “Yoga for Health” – Yoga and Health Symposium held at The Grand Gazebo Conference Room in Roxas City. It was an eye-opening experience because we did not just do asanas but we also learned what real yoga is all about first-hand from Guru/Yoga Instructor/Speaker Dennis E. Daguman “Dinesh’vara” and Yoga Instructor Ravi Shankar.

I have been practicing yoga since September last year. But I was not able to do my asanas for 3 months (December-January) and it showed because I gained weight. Don’t get me wrong – I practice yoga not because I want to have a healthy body – that’s just one of the reasons, but because of the reasons I wrote in this blog post September of last year.

I continued my yoga practice again last February after my birthday. I realized that in order for me to really have a healthy lifestyle I should not only focus on working out my mind but also be very diligent in doing my asanas daily. That’s why I am very thankful that Sir Ravi organized a yoga workshop. The venue is in Roxas City but that didn’t stop me. In fact it was a blessing in disguise because I was able to meet Sir Dennis and other like-minded people as well.

I will write about what I learned in my next blog posts. Meanwhile let me share some of our photos below.

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