Blame is the Culprit

Blame – as most of us think – is the melodramatic pointing of a finger towards someone who has done something wrong. But in truth, we are actually into blame in just about every waking moment of our days. From the weather, to rude drivers, to how the toothpaste was squeezed, you know the deal. We blame and never think a thing about it. Yeah sure more times than not we are probably justified in our accusations, but so what?! There is not an ounce of well-being that can squeak through the thick negative energy of blame whether it is justified or not. In fact, the negative energy of blame is so strong and potently charged that it flows from us to others and it can cause those who are usually dependable to mess up all over the place as well. And surely sending the blame energy to someone who has been stupid, abusive, or undependable only amplifies the condition you would like to see changed. What I am trying to say is that blame always makes a bad situation worse.

The bottom line is that if we are bothered by someone or something, whether our being bothered is justified or not – we are attracting negativity. That’s just the way it is. It might be a mild annoyance over the way someone talks. Or it may be as terrible as the fear of being abused. That “negative attention” will always cause even greater problems regardless of the emotional intensity because that’s what we are attracting. Yes it’s true that we cannot paint on another person’s canvas if they don’t want it painted on. If someone does not want to change, being positive or appreciative around them probably won’t accomplish much. The other person might close up on you and not want anything to do with you.  And then ask yourself why you would want to stay with someone who lives a life full of negativity. But what should you do about it? Is there anything you can do? Yes there is. It is not to mind that other person. Just remain positive no matter what. Take your focus off the negativity and insist to yourself that you will remain as optimistic as you are. Do not be influenced by other people’s negative energies. Alright Jane? Do you get it? Do not be influenced by other people’s negativity. Stay happy!

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