San Antonio Resort – Roxas, Capiz

San Antonio Resort – we have discovered an awesome resort in Roxas City, Capiz! I love seafood and if I want my fix of it only one place comes to mind – Roxas. And this time when we went there last month we decided to check out a resort that a friend of mine raved about.  San Antonio Resort is slowly becoming popular not only here in Panay but internationally as well. There were a bunch of foreign tourists when we were there. I learned that they offer tour packages as well.

What struck me most was the infinity pool over the little lagoon. The design is so unique and I have never seen a pool like that before in all the resorts and beach clubs that I’ve been to. They have restaurants and bars and rooms that will suit your budget as well. San Antonio Resort is actually accredited as an AA resort by the Department of Tourism.

And of course drowned myself in seafood at Brgy. Baybay. The “seafood strip” as I call it is just in front of the resort so we didn’t have to walk far. I just love Roxas and I will keep coming back!

San Antonio Resort

Baybay Beach, Roxas City
Capiz 5800, Philippines
Telephone: (+63) 36 6216638
Tele Fax: (+63) 36 5225254
Mobile Phone Number: (+63) 920 9825377

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