4th Karay-a Arts Festival

Karay-a Arts Festival is now on its fourth year. All activities shall be at Gaisano Grand Mall of Antique, except the conference on October 21, which will be held at the Pinnacle Suites.

The outline of events shall be as follows:

October 21

  • 8:00am-5:00pm


  • 6:00 pm

Festival reception for guests, with Launching of Mga Sugidanun ni Datu Lubay and exhibit by Alan Cabalfin shall follow.

October 22

  • 9:00am-11:00am

Drawing Workshop with Jerome Malic, activity center (with registration fee, please call Datu Lubay Center 036-5408731 for details). This workshop will run until October 28.

  • 1:00pm-4:00pm

Paranubliun Antique Workshops. This workshop will run until October 24th.

  • 5:00pm

Formal Opening of exhibits at the Gaisano Activity Center

  • 6:00pm

The Joy of Dance/ Sinaot Sinadya by Hiraya Theater Company and Datu Lubay Dance Studio students.

Hiraya Theater Company will show an excerpt of LOLA MASING: A TRIBUTE IN DANCE, a production being prepared by Datu Lubay Center for the National Arts Month 2011. The dance is inspired by Tomasa Salinog, Antiqueno comfort woman.

October 23

  • 5:00pm

Musika Rondalla by Hamtic Childrens Rondalla

This is an output of a workshop with Mr. Jegger Anjao, conductor of the world-class Silay City Children’s Rondalla, facilitated by Datu Lubay Center with support from Binirayan Foundation, Inc.

October 24

  • 5:00pm

Luwalaybay / Closing Ceremonies

Performers who wish to join this open mike program are still welcome. Friends from USA Little Theater are joining

Karay-a Arts Festival is brought to you by Binirayan Foundation, Inc. and the Provincial Government of Antique. An exhibition and arts fair runs at the activity center from Oct 22-24. For more details please contact 5408731 or 09275830174.

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