Meshi Japanese Buffet at Days Hotel's The Promenade

If you are craving for Japanese food or care for fresh, smooth cuts of tuna, then Meshi – a Japanese Buffet at The Promenade will surely satisfy your desires. Meshi is a Japanese word which means “boiled rice.” But at The Promenade, you can gobble up everything from sashimi, sushi, cold seafood, grilled and fried meats, tempura and of course the unforgettable array of desserts. Tastefully decorated, this place is suitable for a short retreat from the maddening world outside.

The Promenade’s Japanese Buffet is at Days Hotel Iloilo every Wednesday and I was invited with some bloggers to experience it a couple of weeks ago. They have struck the winning formula of attracting diners with a decent spectrum of Japanese favorites judging by the number and quality of diners they have attracted. The concept also appeals to families and those who hanker for a relaxed dining experience with friends where they can eat and laugh heartily.

I will give you the highlights of the buffet which has six stations so that when you dine there you will have an idea of what they serve. Check out the photos I took as well!

Soup and Bread

Choose from a variety of baked goods to go along with the soup of the day. This will prepare your stomach for the incoming onslaught of deliciousness.


Now here’s where you will start your journey of Japanese food goodness. From meat items like Gyoza (dumplings), Sakana Tsukone (chicken lollipops) and Tori Nanbanzuke (marinated chicken and vegetable) to readymade salads like Jagaimo Sarada (potato salad with shredded crabstick), Nasu no Mushimono (eggplants with sesame seed in savoury sauce) and California Sarada (a cucumber, lettuce and mango salad with tobiko caviar)

Japanese Specialties

Tempura – prawns and veggies that are crispy when you grab them. The generous thick cut and freshness of the Sushi and Sashimi will make you eat not just one but a number of slices of each.


Mix your own salad from a variety of veggies and dressings. Veggie lovers will admire this station.

Main Buffet

Now this station will surely fill you up and forget your diet – if you haven’t yet. You will find the Sukiyaki, Sakana Nitsuke (fish stew), Iyasai Itame with Miso (Mixed vegetables in miso), Yaki Ramen with Tonkatsu sauce (noodles), Tori Kara Agi (fried chicken), Butaniku Shogayaki ( pork in ginger sauce) and Chahan (mixed fried rice) here.

Barbecue Station

Choose from a number of dishes of raw meat and seafood to be cooked on the grill along with the sauce that you like. Once you have chosen, they will give you a number and then deliver the grilled items to your table.


The dessert spread offers just about everything that JorP of Flavours of Iloilo loves. Just like him, you will like the sensuous creamy chocolate cakes, panna cottas, tiramisus, crème brulees, and a whole lot more. Eat to your heart’s content and wait for the sugar rush! If that’s not enough for you then have one of the gracious cooks make you a crepe with the filling of your choice.

We ended the very satisfying dinner with a hot tea to help our stomach digest. We chose from an array of Twinings tea bags. If you also want to experience the awesome Japanese buffet at The Promenade I have noted their address and information below. For the price that buffet is asking, I think it is value for money. Enjoy!

Meshi – A Japanese Buffet
The Promenade at Days Hotel Iloilo
Every Wednesday from 6PM-10PM

For inquiries and reservations call:
337-3297 or 336-8801 to 10 or 0917-7003297 or 0918-9333297

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