The Philippine Brotherhood of Magicians' Street Magic Workshop in Iloilo

Last summer my brother’s EJ and RJ joined Amigo Summer Art Workshop by Brushwand Workshops and Amigo Plaza Mall. And this October they will be learning about street magic! The Philippine Brotherhood of Magicians will be supervising a Street Magic Workshop for Young Magicians for Five (5) Saturdays of October at Amigo Plaza Mall. So if you are 18 years or younger you are eligible to join this “magical” workshop.

Registration will start on September 15, 2010 at Amigo Mall Activity Center. The registration fee is P2500 and it’s inclusive of StreetMagic shirt, starter magic kit, StreetMagic certificate and instructional materials. So the Street Magic Workshops will be for Five (5) Saturdays of October, 3 hours per session (total of 15hrs). For more information please feel free to contact me and I will address your queries to the organizers. Or you can also contact them at 09183290195 or 033 3297477. Just ask for Mark the magician. ;-)

By the way below are samples of my little brothers’ works and they are products of the art workshop. I’m so proud of them. :-D

RJ's artwork.

EJ's artwork.

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