Boracay Marine Walk Experience with White Blue

Here’s another installment of our Boracay weekend getaway last July. On our second day we did one of the most enjoyable activities while in Boracay Island, Philippines – the Marine Walk. Marine Walk is a helmet diving system that has been designed for the ultimate underwater experience. We literally walked under the sea, surrounded by fascinating marine life, live corals, and colorful tropical fishes!

We inquired at White Blue Diving Services Inc., a PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) 5 Star Diving Resort and accredited with PCSSD (Philippines Council for Sustainable Development). They are located at Boat Station 3. Since it’s the low-season, the marine walk which usually costs Php2000-3000/pax was offered to us for only Php500 each. That also includes 2 DVDs – one for the photos and the other for the video. What a great deal isn’t it?!

The diving site is located on the other side of the island, the Bulabog Beach, so to go there we rode a tricycle with our guide. Then we were fetched by White Blue’s speed boat to take us to the dive site. When we arrived there we were given a waiver which we signed. It stated that the company will not be liable for any damages or accidents that will happen to us. They also stressed to us not to destroy the corals.

We were provided diving shoes then had a short orientation regarding the signals underwater. The Basic Underwater Signals they taught us are: Thumbs Down = Go Down, Thumbs Up = Go Up, Sign language of the letter D = OK Sign and All fingers pointing forward then wave hand = Problem. We were also told that if we feel pressure clogging our ears, we should simply pinch our nose then blow hard. I did this actually when I was already underwater and the air pressure went outside my ear.

Then it’s time for the action to start. Tim went down first. When it was my turn I went down the ladder. While going down the ladder one of the operations staff puts the helmet on my head. The guy kept holding the helmet until my head (with the helmet) gets into the water. This is done because the helmet is very heavy and they are making sure that the oxygen gradually fills inside it by waiting for any signal from me. Then another diver guides me to the sea floor. I was then overwhelmed and amazed with all the colorful fishes that immediately surrounded us! They were not afraid of us. The diving guide who is also the cameraman took us around the beautifully preserved corals and colorful fishes. Another guide then gave us bread so we could feed the fishes. It was the most breathtaking and amazing experience. It was my first time to be so intimate with fishes and it was fascinating because they were not even remotely afraid of us!

We remained underwater for 30 minutes. Let me just say that I am so proud of Tim because he was able to overcome his phobia of staying underwater for so long. We enjoyed the experience so much that we promised ourselves to do it every time we go to Boracay. If you would also like to experience this wonderful activity I have included the contact details of White Blue below. I promise you that with this adventure you will get a natural high!







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