Ride the Zorb in Boracay!

I finally know how a ball feels after riding the Zorb in Boracay last July.  The Zorb is a new extreme adrenaline rush activity in Boracay and all I can say is that I am definitely doing it again next time I’m there! It’s so much fun riding down a hill harnessed inside a giant plastic ball. If you are craving for a natural high this is one of the best ways to experience it.

I was able to convince Tim to do this with me – looking back now I can’t believe I didn’t have a hard time convincing him actually. I guess his adventurous side was triggered when he saw that huge plastic ball. LOL. The photo below was taken after we signed the waiver releasing the Zorb company “all liabilities and responsibilities for personal injury, etc.” We still looked “respectable” here. LOL!

After rolling down the hill inside the ball, Patan our guide asked us if we want to lie down on the grass and let the ball “massage” our backs! Now this time I was the one who hesitated and Tim was the one who was convincing me to do it – imagine that! So of course I did do it. We waited for the Italian family to finish setting-up inside the ball, they tried the Hydro ride which is they add water inside the ball and ride down the hill too. But this is less fun according to Patan because unlike the Harness ride you are not strapped in and not rolling head over your heels.

The Zorb Park is located in Ilig-Iligan, Yapak but since we inquired at the Beach Office which is at Mango Ray Resort Station 2 (near D’Mall), we were transported back and forth to Yapak via their shuttle bus. The park is open every day from 9AM to 6PM. Prices range from P300-580 Philippine Pesos per person. If you want to ride the Zorb when you’re in Boracay, just text or call the park on +639279085191, +639086148088 or +639392062220. You can also call their telephone number (036)288-1912.

I assure you that you and your friends and family are definitely going to have an awesome time! Now don’t laugh okay? :P

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