Havaianas Beach Bar Party at Bourbon St. Smallville

Do you guys still remember the heat last summer? How unbearable it was and all you can think about was to go to the beach and just stay in the water for hours just so you could escape the unbelievable heat? I’m so thankful all that is over!  But before it ended the Iloilo Bloggers were invited to attend a party on May 29th at Bourbon St. which is located at Smallville Complex here in Iloilo City. It was the Havaianas Beach Bar Party with house music mixes by DJ Pav Parrotte and party goers were entertained by Brazilian models (yes the authentic ones), fire dance exhibitions and were also given Havaianas freebies. Free mixed drinks were also given to everyone at the party. Havaianas and SPYCO Marketing Productions Manila organized the event.

Iloilo Bloggers with Camille Labayen - Havaianas Operations Manager (photo by Manuel Yulo Barandiaran)

So do you own a pair of Havaianas flip-flops too? If you don’t well I guess you know someone who does right? These particular brand of flip-flops originated in Brazil and gained world recognition in 1998 after the company developed a style of the sandals that featured the Brazilian flag for the World Cup. The brand has actually been around since 1962 but it only became very popular in the last five years when many celebrities were seen wearing them in the United States. Havaianas footwears are well-known for their comfortable soles and straps. And did you know that the name Havaianas actually means Hawaiians in Portuguese?

The News Today article

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