Must Try Meals by Bluejay Coffee and Deli

Bluejay Coffee and Deli is offering three “Must Try Meals” this July that are big on taste and easy on the pocket. Bluejay’s delicious and budget conscious meals will surely be a hit to foodies, students as well as to the Bluejay loyalistas.

Chef Burger (only P49 and comes with iced tea)

This one is for the burger lovers. Thick and juicy meat patty made from local meat sandwiched in delicious burger buns then slathered with Bluejay’s special dressing and garnished with tomato sauce and fresh lettuce. This burger is really good up to the last bite and will surely fit the belly leaving you full but will not empty your wallet.

Checkered Toast (only P30 without coffee, P80 with coffee)

This is definitely not the usual toast. Covered with their homemade chocolate and caramel, it is perfect with a cup of Bluejay’s Café Americano or Capuccino. I especially loved the bittersweet taste of the chocolate and its unconventional presentation. What’s great also is that no preservative has been added to it. And it smells really good!

Baked Penne (only P88)

Pasta lovers will love the Baked Penne – perfectly baked pasta that’s so easy on the pocket. Penne pasta that is firm to the bite and baked in rich Bechamel sauce and topped with yummy creamy cheese sauce. Very generous serving that will satisfy your growling stomach. Enjoy the sweet and spicy sauce that will suit the Filipino taste.

So if you are looking for a chic café in Iloilo that offers your favorite comfort food and goes with a very relaxing ambiance then Bluejay’s Coffee and Deli is the place you should check out. Oh and as a blogger, I enjoy their wifi internet access! All these “Must Try Meals” are now available at Bluejay Coffee and Deli branches at Amigo Plaza Mall and along Gen. Luna Street.

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