Meditation and Self-Realization

Lately I have been asking myself this question – “Who am I?”

I have realized that I have actually been identifying my existence with my position in society, my friends and family, the needs and desires of my body, and the emotional and intellectual expressions of my mind. But I have not been taking the time to contemplate the real nature of my existence; to ask myself the question, “Who am I?”

Let’s face it; we all have the feeling of existence; of “I EXIST”. That “I AM” feeling dictates our thoughts, our feelings, our memories and our actions. It defines who we are as individuals. It is our “identity” of our mind with our body and with the world around us. If we just take the time and the effort to look deeper into our “I AM” feeling we would find a deeper sense of being: a deeper “self”. The realization of that particular experience is not merely one of “I am”, but the more profound experience of “I know that I am”. That “I” of “I know” is the essence of our existence which is pure consciousness. And the realization of that consciousness of our inner self is called self-realization.

Whether we are aware of this or not, we all want to attain self-realization, because only by attaining it can we attain what we really want at the core of our being: perfect peace; infinite and eternal happiness – BLISS. Meditation is the key. Meditation is the core technique of doing the method that is called spiritual practice.

I have been teaching myself how to meditate in the past few weeks because I am practicing yoga for beginners. Meditation has greatly influenced the feeling of satisfaction, joy and peace that I am feeling these past few days. I encourage everyone to practice meditation as well. I will post guidelines on how to meditate in my next blog posts.

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