Bondoc's Viewing Deck Bar and Resto at San Jose Antique

Bondoc's Viewing Deck Bar and Resto

I went to San Jose, Antique again yesterday to visit Papang and be a day earlier for my preliminary exams earlier today. I arrived around 4PM so I had plenty of time to waste after visiting Papang. While waiting for my cousin Meg to arrive, I decided to text and call some of my pretty cousins to accompany me to Bondoc’s Viewing Deck Bar and Resto. We went there right after we visited Papang, Lolo Mamang and Lolo Papang.

the bar and restaurant..

I have heard of that place a couple of times before and I have seen some photos on Facebook and it made me curious as to what the place really looks like. So I had my chance yesterday. I was with 5 of my pretty cousins (feel nyo gd mga jugila noh?) Meagan, Bubbles, Alyssa, Diane and Krishna; and we sampled some of the tempting offerings on Bondoc’s menu. And I tell you this – their food was totally awesome! They specialize mainly on Filipino viands like sisig, tenderloin tips, chopsuey, calamares, lechon kawali, etc.

Bondoc’s is also a bar so they naturally serve drinks. The ambiance of the place was also very laid back and relaxing. But on Friday nights they feature local bands. Bondoc’s had a viewing deck (obviously) so I asked Alyssa to take me there before our food was served. And I tell you guys the view was breathtaking – no exaggerations. I saw the town of San Jose and its buildings, the mountains and the sea all at that one strategically located viewing deck. We went up there around 5PM so the photos I took were not so good. I forgot to go back up before we went home to take some night shots because Alyssa said the view was even more beautiful at night.

But it’s okay I know there will be lots of opportunities to go back there again to take those photos. So if ever you go to San Jose, Antique try to check out Bondoc’s Viewing Deck Bar and Restaurant. The food is great, the service crew are awesome, the service is fast, the place is beautiful and the prices reasonable. It is not like the usual restaurant you frequently haunt in the city so be sure to go there! Because I am definitely going back! :)

the bar..

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