Alaxan and DOLE Wants to Know: What is your toughest job?

Are you like Manny Pacquiao? Do you have the toughest job?

Okay guys I hope you are ready for this! I am having my very first blog contest! I am really excited about this and I hope you – yes YOU – my awesome blog reader will join! This contest is actually in line with Alaxan FR and DOLE’s Search for the Toughest Jobs in the Philippines. Alaxan FR and the Department of Labor and Employment are intent in looking for the Pinoy who has the toughest job here in the Philippines so I want to help them by having my very own blog contest and hopefully a lot of Ilonggos will join!

This contest is actually very simple. You just have to tell/share with me and my other blog readers your tough job. Yes it’s as simple as that. Below are the mechanics:

  • Answer this question: What is your toughest job?
  • Submit a photo of your job and explain or share with us why you have the toughest job. Please don’t forget to indicate your name and occupation in the entry. You can send your entries to me via email  at and
  • Deadline of submission of entries will be on July 15, 2010.

That’s it! That’s all you have to do to join this contest. I will be choosing 3 tough jobs. Winners will win tough job t-shirts, cellphone cleaners and Alaxan FR’s sample packs and you can claim these prizes from me. All your entries will also be automatically uploaded as entries to so you will also have a chance to win in the national contest!

Invite your friends and relatives to join my contest too! And don’t worry, my friends and relatives are not allowed to join (I have warned them already! LOL). This is only for my loyal and beloved readers who don’t get tired of reading my posts. And this is also the DOLE and Alaxan FR’s way of thanking and honoring all Filipinos who are very hardworking, resilient and happy even though Pinoy’s have the toughest jobs.

More updates and information about this contest and Alaxan FR and DOLE’s Search for the Toughest Jobs in the Philippines will be posted here in my blog. I will be posting all entries here too so please drop by here again after submitting your entry alright?

For questions please feel free to leave me a comment! Join my contest now if you know in your heart, soul and “body pains” (LOL!) that you have the toughest job in the Philippines! Good luck!

Join my blog contest now!

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