Alaxan FR and DOLE's Search for the Toughest Jobs in the Philippines

Ms. Sheila Rono with the representatives of the labor sector.

I just got home from the spa. I have been out and about for two weeks that my body is crying out for a massage and a dose of Alaxan FR – my trusted body pain reliever medicine. The result is so fast that I can now continue working and blogging! You think being a blogger is easy? Think again. Well the blogging part has nothing to it but we have to take into consideration the hours we sit in front of the computer plus the events we have to attend. I’m just glad that I have Belen who is an awesome massage therapist and my very reliable Alaxan FR meds.

Ms. Sheila Rono, Alaxan brand representative.

Last May 26th we were invited to attend an event for the launching of “The Search for the Toughest Jobs Philippines” which was held at DOLE’s Ople Hall in Intramuros, Manila. The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), the People’s Champ Manny Pacquiao and Alaxan FR knows that Pinoys are very hardworking and that no job is too easy which is why they are looking for the person who has the toughest job. The search is a groundbreaking initiative that endeavors to honor Filipino men and women who face the challenges of their day-to-day jobs with pride, confidence, resiliency and most of all toughness. According to Ms. Sheila Rono, Alaxan brand representative, “Pain is a badge of honor like in the case of Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao it is the pain of training for a boxing title; for the promodizer it’s the long commute to be able to give service to grocery shoppers; for the teacher it’s the leg cramps after long hours of standing to be able to impart knowledge to students.”

The search is open to all working Filipinos. It will run from May 26 to August 21, 2010 and each participant must log on to “The Search for the Toughest Jobs Philippines” website, register there and upload a photo and explain why they have the toughest jobs. The entry who will get the most number of votes online will win the competition and will get to bring home a trophy and of course – a cash prize.

I will be nominating my mother – Mrs. Edvin G. Cabrera in this contest. Why? Because I firmly believe that she has the toughest job here in our country. My Mamang is a teacher and not just an ordinary teacher at that. She teaches special children who have special needs. And after a day of teaching she goes home and takes care of her five children. Now that my father has passed away, my Mamang has the sole responsibility of taking care of me and my four younger brothers and believe me it is not an easy job! I also help Mamang financially but being a mother is tough for her not only financially but everything else in between. I will nominate my Mamang and I hope that you would Vote for the Toughest Jobs in the Philippines entry that I will post about her.

I admire DOLE for extending its full support to this project. DOLE has tapped key organizations under it such as the Federation of Free Workers, Occupational Safety and Health Center (OSHC) and the Bureau of Working Conditions (BWC). Undersecretary Rosalinda Baldoz who is the Cluster Head of Labor Relations was present at the launch and she said that the labor sector requires enhanced support from the DOLE and all other public and private sectors because it is in the spirit of partnership between these sectors that will create solutions and opportunities for human capability and development.

So are you the Pinoy who has the toughest job here in the Philippines? Do you think you deserve to be the winner? Well then just log on to “The Search for the Toughest Jobs Philippines” website now and register so you will be recognized and bring home that trophy!

Ms. Sheila Rono with the regional bloggers.

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