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Ever since I discovered the power of the internet, I have tried to harness it by starting my own blog and then I looked for ways that I could earn online. To make the long story short I am now a professional Virtual Assistant and I work at home. As a VA I use a personal computer and a fast internet connection. Working at home can be monotonous for an extrovert like me so what I do after working hard is reward myself by going out and traveling every weekend! And this year I have found myself traveling a lot and I realized that I need a handy netbook if I still want to keep my clients happy. Hahaha! Hence the need for a netbook prompted me to go online shopping again! ;-)

I have found shopping online very convenient because I don’t have to waste much of my precious time at the malls anymore. So while I was looking for a suitable netbook earlier today I stumbled upon I found the netbook that I need there! For those who don’t know yet, is an awesome marketplace for Filipinos who buy & sell online. I have heard positive feedbacks about this online marketplace. has these 10 Golden Rules to follow when posting ads so I was assured that as a buyer I will only find honest and trustworthy sellers there. I found out that almost everything I need I can purchase at From clothes, gadgets, cars to houses and lots!

But like I always say, shop safely and be careful when dealing with people online. Read the site’s Security Center first, understand it and take extra caution. So I have contacted the seller of the netbook I liked and I am looking forward to owning my very own netbook soon! I also found a house and lot for sale there that caught my eye and I will be looking into that as well. So how about you? Have you tried online shopping at If you have or you’re just planning to then tell me about your experience by leaving a comment below. Happy shopping!

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