Monica and I

Nonoy Tim went home so I had the day to bond with Monicay again. Went to Spa Riviera for a back scrub and body massage. Then I met up with Monicay at SM Delgado. Went to SM City, had lunch at KFC and Monica got her hair trimmed. Then Mimay was there! Weeee! Of course gurl talk commenced but Mimay had to go because she was with her sister and nephew. So Nicay and I went to B’Code to try out their crepes and pizza. The place had a great ambiance, it was actually relaxing and the view was nice. Maybe because it was a Sunday and no teenagers were around. Haha! The food was satisfactory. The crepes were so-so but the pizza was awesome! The prices were reasonable and affordable. And the waiter who served us was really nice and accommodating so we’re definitely going back there again. I will bring Tim there because I know that he’ll like the pizza with it’s green toppings. :D

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