Katagman 2010 at Oton, Iloilo

Oton is celebrating its 438th Foundation through the Katagman Festival.  The Katagman festival was originally names Ogtonganon festival which is derived from the name of the locals -”Ogtongs.” Katagman is actually the old name of San Antonio which is one of the barangays in Oton. Many people don’t know this but Oton was the seat of civilization in this part of the Philippines with the Batiano River, which was  a flourishing Malay Port and served as gateway for Christianity. Barangay Katagman was the first regional government in the country under Datu Paiburong until 1226 A.D.

My brothers Rino John and EJ joined the painting/drawing contest yesterday, May 1st which is the first day of the festival. EJ was a runner up while Rino John is the winner – in our hearts. ;)

Katagman Festival 2010 Schedule

Katagman Festival 2010 Schedule

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