Google Mapping Party in Iloilo

We helped Google map the voting precincts here in Iloilo today! Iloilo Bloggers and friends went to Netopia to help Google map the precincts here in the Iloilo province in preparation for the May 10 elections. For our efforts Google gave us “Map Your World” tshirts. The task was actually easy and we had fun while doing it. We also realized that there are a lot of schools (public and private) here in Iloilo City alone and there were some that we don’t know the exact locations yet. Luckily because we converged at Netopia, we were able to help each other map the right precincts.

I wasn’t able to take photos while we were mapping, only after we’re done did I remember to take out my camera. Thanks Google and Junelle for the gastronomic experience at Stufyerface and the fish spa!

If you guys want to help us out in mapping the voting precincts of the Iloilo province please check out this

Here are some of our after “mapping” photos:

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