Be Frugal – Or Not

I know some people are not really too happy about my “extra-curricular” activities. They don’t approve of my traveling and the other stuffs I’m doing. But you know what, I don’t really care what they say (if you know me well enough then you must know that already.)

You know what I tell everyone who asks why I am being or acting the way I am right now? I just say: Leave me along because unlike you I am living my life to the fullest. I’m just making the most out of my life, enjoying the moment and savoring the fruits of my hard work. I deserve to be happy. and I have learned not too long ago that life is really short. We’ll never know when our time is going to be. But I know that when that time comes there won’t be too much regret inside my heart because I have lived my life to the fullest!

So please just let me live my life. And please get a life of your own while you’re at it!

I am gradually practicing frugality. Yes I really am, believe it or not. :)

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