Villa Igang, Guimaras

Early summer vacation with the family (minus Toto & Papang lang galing) Tim, and also along with Tita Pearl and Bon-Bon at Villa Igang, Guimaras.

Papang used to come to Villa Igang every summer. The place was very peaceful man gihapon because we went there on a Friday before the surge of Holy Week bakasyonitas. It was a refreshing experience.

Tim loved the place even though he was a little skeptic at first. But he did enjoy his weekend! :)

We also went to Trappist Monastery where Papang and Mamang spent a weekend together for a retreat last year when he was diagnosed with the disease that took him from us. We miss you Pang. Tani upod ka man gihapon namon. Pero we know you’re happy now. We love you guid!

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