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Believe it or not the 2010 election is closer than you think, only 155 days to go. So have you made up your mind on who to entrust our country’s future yet again? As far as my voting career goes the 2010 elections will be the most interesting. In lieu of the tragedies and disasters our country has faced this year, I hope everyone will choose the right candidate – if there’s one. So I have been surfing the web for sites that will help me decide for the elections and I stumbled upon This website is actually the Philippines’ first socio-political networking site where members can post videos and photos, join forums on different important issues like politics, education, economy and commerce, labor and employment. It has partnered with COMELEC, Youth Vote Philippines and  PPCRV to promote voter education especially to first-time voters as well as encourage participation in the upcoming 2010 national elections. operates under the network of, the Philippines’ first rich media service portal. promotes voter’s education through their special online features and social media networking tools such as blog , political forum, chat and other multimedia portals which allow voters to get up close and personal with presidential candidates and learn more about their goals, views and principles. This tools will provide us voters with enough information to help us make the right decision on who to vote for on the coming presidential elections. I signed up after a period of browsing the site and noting that not only the visitors can voice out their views, opinions and concerns but the presidential candidates can do so as well. Being a resident of  Iloilo, I saw as my chance to interact not only with the voters but also with the candidates and learn more about their platforms and be updated on all the latest political issues and events. Isn’t this way much better than just watching TV and rant without anyone hearing you? In fact I posted a question for the presidentiables at their Issues page. Let’s see who responds to that.

So please broaden your ability to vote wisely in the upcoming 2010 Philippine elections. Do our country a favor, visit and educate yourself.

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