Iloilo Bloggers at Iloilo IT Week 2009

First of all I’d like to say sorry to all those who have lost their loved ones because of typhoon Ondoy. If you guys want to help out and share your blessings these links here you might wanna check out. Thank you!

So…I have not blogged for almost  three weeks! I have been so busy with work, my studies and activities with the Singles for Christ and the Iloilo Bloggers that I have neglected my blog. Anyway I’m here to welcome October! Can you believe it? The days are just passing by so fast. And I’m getting chubbier too. :D I really need to diet diet diet and exercise! And I’m also here to recount the things that I’ve done last September.

Last September 21st, the Iloilo Bloggers met for the third time at Joey’s Pizzeria. Contrary to what I’ve heard, Joey Pizzeria’s pizzas are actually yummy! Yes yummy. Lol. We discussed about our activities for the upcoming Iloilo IT Week Celebration and some of our plans for the group. And I also met more members of the org that day. As well as Junelle’s cute babies – Hannah and Hector.

And last September 28th I attended Ms. Janette Toral‘s SEO Workshop. I only know basic SEO stuff so I’m grateful for all the stuffs that Ms. JT taught us that day , err I mean night. I’ll be using the tips I’ve learned one thing at a time until I get better at SEO. It’s really useful for my line of job too. Again thank you Ms. Janette!

Then the next day, September 29th I went to Robinson’s Place to check out the lectures and exhibits of the Iloilo IT Week Celebration. The Iloilo Bloggers were also given the chance to have lunch with Ms. JT, Ms. Aileen Apollo, and Jay de Jesus. Thanks to Green Mango and Marcos for the lunch! The food was totally awesome and I’ll definitely have lunch their again. Affordable too. ;) We went back to Robinson’s later in the afternoon to listen to Ms. JT and Ms. Aileen’s lectures. Thanks to them more students now know about blogging and Google Adsense. Hopefully our group – the Iloilo Bloggers – will have more members soon. And I’d also like to thank Nang Claire for being patient with us. Kaya ta na Nang next time ah!

So that’s it, I still have to pack for my Hinigaran trip tomorrow. Tim, Sis Mira, Bro Art and I are attending the Singles for Christ’s Western Visayas Regional Conference.

I’ll leave you with this photos. Enjoy!

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