Back To Kabankalan & Bacolod

This post is once again long overdue. Last weekend September 5th-7th, Tim, my brother Rino John and I once again went to Kabankalan and Bacolod. We attended Alex’s birthday. Alex is Tim’s nephew. We had so much fun! Alex now likes me. The first time that I went there he kinda didn’t. Lol. I got to meet Tim’s brother and brother in law for the first time too and they were really nice. :)

And I finally got to go to Calea and taste some of their infamous cakes, pastries and coffees! I brought home a three layed chocolate caramel cake which the Calea girl said is imported. Imported from where I didn’t ask. Lol. Calea didn’t dissapoint me at all. I am definitely going back there when I get another chance. I would like to thank my very patient tour guide – Tim for finding an open branch because the first Calea branch we went to is closed on Mondays so we went to their Robinson’s Mall brach which was thankfully open. And then when it was time for us to go home we decided to try out Supercat. They reopened their operations I think a couple of weeks ago. They have a much cleaner vessel and we were really comfortable. The fastcraft didn’t even feel the waves. I think it’s because the way the  fastcraft is built. I took some photos and you can find them below.

Enough talk.  Let the pictures say it all! :D

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