Beauty and Madness

Miss Venezuela Stefania Fernandez

Miss Venezuela Stefania Fernandez won the Miss Universe 2009 beauty pageant held in Nassau, Bahamas today. I woke up late but I was still able to watch the question and answer portion of the pageant. The girls were smart, but not that smart. But back to the topic of my post, after watching Miss Venezuela win again this year it made me do some research about the supposedly beauty pageant school they have in Venezuela. I have heard of Osmel Sousa before but I just read more about him today. I stumbled upon some stuffs on my googling and I want to post them here in my blog. I have already shared this on my FaceBook and Plurk accounts and so far the responses I’ve received are not that nice – as I expected it would be. LOL. Tell me want you think as well guys!

And by the way before clicking the links below I just want to say that I think vanity is not a sin as long as it’s in moderation. It’s not wrong to want to look good. But as we always hear, look good for yourself first and not for the benefit of other people. Self- acceptance is a must.

Osmel Sousa Does Not Believe In Inner Beauty Because, Seriously, Have You Ever Seen A Kidney?

Tall, tanned and young and lovely: the girls from Venezuela

And here’s the kicker, a video from YouTube of the Beauty Obsession in Venezuela. Embedding was disabled by request.

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