Iloilo Bloggers at the DigitalFilipino Club & Bloggers Meet-Up hosted by Casino Filipino!

I have been wanting to meet fellow bloggers ever since I became a member of And last Saturday – July 4th at the Casino Filipino PAGCOR Bacolod I was able to meet my fellow Ilonggo bloggers! And not only that – we got to network with other bloggers from Bacolod and the Negros Island too. Add to that meeting Ms. Janette Toral in person! The event we attended was the DigitalFilipino Club & Bloggers Meet-Up which was hosted by Casino Filipino PAGCOR Bacolod.  Obviously it’s the first  bloggers networking event I have attended so I was curious what the turn out would be. It was a huge success because Casino Filipino Bacolod provided us with a delicious dinner, beer and an awesome band! Of course the freebies was one of the best parts of the night. Most of us were lucky to bring home cool stuffs given away by PAGCOR and some of us won in the raffle too. We also got to learn about the current status of the Philippine e-commerce and the blogosphere  from Ms. Janette Toral. Some online social network users and business owners attended as well to learn a thing or two about blogging from the seasoned bloggers and SEO professionals. Hope they learned something from the event and be inspired to make a blog of their own too!

Miss Janette Toral encouraged us to participate on the following activities of the DigitalFilipino Club:

And guess what guys! I have finally proven that my online friends are real! Weeeeee! Which means it really is possible to make relationships online and of course nurture it by having the proper online ethics and attitude. So yes I finally got to meet Junelle of Pinay SEO (she owns a lot of blogs), Marcos of Explore Iloilo, Junnjun of JunntrekkerDonald of Don_Ser, and Mommy Ruby of Pinay Mommy Online! It was also nice meeting Marie Claire of Maditang Pinay and Enrico Dee of Byahilo – I am a frequent visitor of their blogs.  And it was nice to see Ace again who was  a co-worker from Callbox and Tim’s classmate.  Tim got to meet his college teacher Neil Alado as well. And it was really cool to meet other bloggers from Bacolod too. Thank you for making us feel welcome guys, after all it was your meet-up not ours but still you welcomed us. We really appreciate it. Too bad Efren, Bernie and the other Iloilo Bloggers weren’t able to go. But once we have our own meet-up we’ll have fun too.

I have proven to myself that blogging is not boring because of this kind of events. As bloggers we can also  share our lives offline! I am hoping to meet more Ilonggo bloggers on our very own upcoming meet-up this August. It’s time we get ourselves organized. Hopefully everyone will cooperate and share their time. Thank you very much to Ms. Janette Toral, the DigitalFilipino Club and Casino Filipino PAGCOR Bacolod for hosting the networking event last Saturday. This will pave our way to having our own events here in Iloilo and I know it’s going to be the same in Bacolod. Hopefully we could get sponsors here. So until then see you all online and until the next event!

Here’s a glimpse of the event:

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