Goodbye Michael Jackson, RIP.

So there I was working my arse off last night, actually it was very early this morning around 5:49AM Philippine Time, multi-tasking and plurking with my plurky friends when one friend plurked that Michael Jackson has passed away. I couldn’t believe the shocking news at first so I googled it and I read that he had suffered a cardiac arrest. He collapsed at the mansion that he was renting at the exclusive neighborhood of Holmby Hills in Los Angeles. He was rushed by paramedics to UCLA Medical Center where physicians battled for more than an hour to revive the King of Pop before he was pronounced dead.

Well before the bad news was confirmed me and my Plurk friends were actually not very sure if Michael Jackson really did passed away (I’m using these words for Heather *hugs*) because TMZ was the only site online that’s actually reporting it while CNN and Reuters were all mum about it and were just reporting that Michael was just in a state of coma. We were all hoping that he was only just in a coma and not dead. But our hopes were crushed when CNN and Reuters did report that the King of Pop has actually passed away.

This was a very unexpected and shocking news to all of Michael Jackson’s fans. Before this day he was scheduled to have a long-awaited series of comeback concerts. Nobody expected this to happen but he was after all very sick and I won’t elaborate on this note. But we are all only human and death is a certainty. So what we can do now is pray for him and hope that he rests in peace. The King of Pop’s music will live on forever!

Here’s my favorite Michael Jackson song – “Heal The World”

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