Boracay – Day 1

So today I’m going to write about our first day in Boracay. This post has been long overdue but I had a ton of tasks to do and I also did some studying (for what, you don’t have to know right now..haha). Boracay is the most popular summer getaway here in the Philippines and it’s also popular with tourists from other countries because of its unique white sand beach. Boracay is actually known as the ” Paradise Island of the Philippines.” And if you’ve ever been there you already know why. To those who haven’t yet well you have to go there to know why. LOL. For now feel free to read my Boracay experience. ;)

I have been to Boracay once when I was still a kid but I don’t remember much about it only that I went there together with my relatives from Antique. This time, Tim invited us to go with him because their company has a branch located there and he’s going to do some IT fixing so he asked me if I wanna come with him. Of course I want to! But the two of us can’t go alone so we invited my brother – Sev and his girlfriend Dianne to come along with us as well. They also deserve a much needed vacation, especially Dianne who has just resigned from the Box and working hard for her new boss. She needs to have a vacation, like me. Right Yan? Hehe.

On the morning of the 29th of April at 4AM the four of us met up. Then we had an almost 6-hour bus ride to Caticlan, Aklan – the gateway to Boracay and lastly the ferry ride to the island. We arrived at around half past 1PM. I told Tim that I wanted a hotel or resort at the beachfront so we checked in at Queen’s Beach Resort. The room we got was not cheap but it was so worth it. The staff of the hotel was all also very polite. And we had complimentary breakfasts on the duration of our stay. I highly recommend them to all my friends and acquaintances who are planning to go to Boracay too. Here is the link to Queen’s Beach Resort’s website so you could check them out. I promise you won’t regret staying there. Maybe you’ll get the chance to meet Kim too! Who’s Kim? Long story. Hehe.

So after checking in at Queen’s Beach Resort, we decided to go out, see the sights and eat lunch! We agreed to eat at somewhere not too expensive at first (so we could splurge for dinner that night) therefore we went to the Talipapa where we ate at a turo-turo restaurant that serves Filipino dishes. We were actually told that we can choose any of the uncooked fishes and other “sea creatures” displayed outside then they will cook them for us, whatever “luto” we want but we decided not to because then we have to wait and we were too hungry already and too excited to explore Boracay. The food was satisfactory but sadly I forgot the name of the place but it has the words “Turo Turo” in it.

After lunch, we walked around first then Dianne and I decided to check out our emails and do our jobs so we’ll have more time to go out that night. Tim also went to their branch to get some work done. While Sev of course went with us. We found an internet cafe located in a new building behind the talipapa near our resort – but not after a lot of walking. Hahaha! By the way, to those who don’t know what the Talipapa is, it’s kind of like the marketplace in Boracay where different types of stores are located. There are small restaurants there, coffee shops, internet cafes, and kiosks where one can buy souvenirs, “pasalubongs” and other tons of stuffs! Prices of goods are cheaper here compared to the stores at the beachfront and you can haggle with the sellers too if you know how! ;)

Then after working at the internet cafe, we decided to go back to the resort and change clothes for the beach! The three of us – Dianne, Sev and I had a dip at the beautiful and clean beach of Boracay. It’s amazing that many people come there but the beach is still clean. Their environmentalists must be working really hard. Hehehe. They should because before we boarded the ferryboat to Boracay Island we had to pay an expensive environmental fee.

After the dip at the beach, we went back to our big room to get some rest before going out again to find a place to eat dinner. Tim was back from their branch office too. We set up Tim’s laptop, which we brought along with our portable SmartBro Prepaid Kit so Dianne and I could also get some work done. Then we watched some show on the cable TV – and I fell asleep. Hehe.  Later that night they woke me up. We looked for a place to eat. We found this place beside the beach again that offered a sumptuous buffet dinner for Php200/person. We had fun while choosing the food we want to eat because we didn’t know if we’ll speak Tagalog or Hiligaynon to the servers, waiters, etc. Only to find out afterward that the chefs and the staffs were just from La Salle – Bacolod where Tim also graduated. So they speak Hiligaynon. Yeeeey! Hahaha! So they got to give us some tips on what food to eat. Mainly not too much rice. LOL. And the chefs and the others were on their OJT (on the job training). To make the story short, we had a delicious dinner. We were full because we ate what our stomachs can hold so again went for a walk on the beach to check out the nightlife and take some photos! After all that we went back to our room at the resort to get some rest. We watched shows on TV again, did some tasks and went to sleep so we’ll be ready for another great day!

And here are some photos to go with this post.

***Boracay – Day 2 is up next guys so stay tuned! These posts will give you an idea of what to do and where to go in Boracay!

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