Boracay Here We Come!

boracay_palm_trees1 I’m writing this post just for the key word and see if how many people will stumble upon my blog if I rant about Boracay!

Anyway,we’re going to the beach! And not just the beach but the best beach in the Philippines! We’re actually going to Boracay! It’s the place to really hang out and chill, have fun with friends because it’s bursting with life! Just what I need! LOL

I will be going with Sev (my brother), Dianne (Sev’s girl and of course Tim (who else?!).

The best thing about my work is that you can do it anywhere as long as you have a laptop or computer with internet connection. So I’ll be working while vacationing. Not bad. I”m thinking of it as having a vacation while working not the other way around. Haha.

Although I’m not sure if I could write once I’m there. Go figure!

I’m so excited! Right now I’m just finishing all my tasks for the day so I won’t have to worry or think about anything later. Peace of mind is the key to a peaceful and satisfying vacation.

2 more hours to go and I’ll be gone!

Goodbye Grey’s Anatomy, I’ll be back!

We’re gonna have fun fun fun!

And this is completely off topic but I just don’t like people who doesn’t like Taylor Swift. Geesh I’m such a kid. LOL.

Well I’m out! Will blog about our vacation when I come back home and take some photos so I could make all you guys jealous and therefore make you all go on vacation too!

On Saturday will be Mamang’s birthday and we might go to Punta Villa too so we have to be back before that. And on Sunday Manny Pacquiao will make us proud again and we will be watching the fight at SM City Cinema for more fun fun fun!

I have a great life don’t I? ;)

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