Jesus You Are My Bestfriend!

jesusParis Hilton might be looking for BFFs but I have a BFF that she might want to meet too. My BFF is much more richer than Paris Hilton. He has given me life and a wonderful family. He has given me the best man. He has given me the best kind of friends. He has taught me a lot of lessons in life. He is always there when I need him, He doesn’t let me down and I know He never will. He gives me everything I want as long as it’s going to be for my betterment. He showers me with countless gifts, most of them priceless. He always listens to my rantings. Even if people don’t read every post of my blog I really don’t care because I know that He is always reading my blog posts although He doesn’t leave me a comment. LOL. He knows me better than everyone else. I can enumerate and list down countless things that my best friend is doing for me, but I can’t remember them all and it might take a lot of time but what matters is  that He knows I appreciate everything that He’s done for me. I know I am not the “best” best friend but still he doesn’t give up on me. He’s still always there. Thank you so much Jesus – for being my best friend.

Well I just got home after hearing Mass at our Parish. I attended the 5AM Mass which was celebrated by Monsignor Gamboa. I am not used to going to church that early but I made an exception this time because my Singles for Christ community is the scheduled choir for the Mass. Last night we practiced the songs  we will sing for the Mass until 10PM then I slept for like a couple of hours only because when I arrived home I had to do my daily tasks and then prepare my clothes for the Mass before I went to bed. I have trouble sleeping at night because being the nocturnal creature that I am – I’m used to working the night shift. But I did what I always do whenever I have trouble sleeping. And I will recommend this to everyone too! It has been one of my secrets but I decided to write it here in my blog so that people reading my posts will also discover this awesome cure for insomnia and be much closer to God as well. I talk to Jesus if I have trouble sleeping. Now how can I talk to Jesus? Well it’s this way – I don’t just pray, I also have a conversation with Jesus. Although He is not “answering” me I know and feel that He’s listening to me. I tell Him all the things I did on that day. I tell Him my worries, my problems. I thank Him for everything. I give Him praise. And I ask for His guidance for the next day again.Try it tonight, having a lengthy conversation with God instead of just praying will give you a peaceful mind therefore make you sleep peacefully as well.

Singing in the choir with SFC is just one of my ways of thanking Jesus and giving back. I know that it’s just a minor thing compared to everything He’s done for me but still in my own little ways I show Him my love and thanks. I just hope I will be with Him in heaven too. Make Jesus your best friend too starting today! I know you won’t regret it. After all, who wants paparazzis following you every second when your BFF is Paris Hilton right? ;)

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