Bought myself my dream phone today!


the dream cellphone..

Yesterday my phone broke! Technically it’s not really my cellphone, it’s my brother – Vinboy’s cellphone but I’m the one whose using it because I need it more than him. I use it to communicate with everyone. And most importantly I use it for my work. My cellphone, the one I was using before I had to borrow Vinboy’s, was also broken because I wasn’t taking care of it. I mean I don’t use it properly. I charge it anytime I want even if the battery is not yet low or dead. And I leave it charging for more than 8 hours sometimes because I just leave it there while I sleep. So that’s some of the reasons why I was using my brother’s phone. And I’m really sorry I broke it. But I will try to have it fixed of course so he can still use it.

I’ve been using my old cellphone (before it broke)  for more than 2 years so I guess it’s about time that I buy myself a new one. I’ve been wanting a Nokia 6300 phone ever since I saw it online. FYI – it was the best selling cellphone in the UK  for more than a year after it was released. And it’s still one of the most well-loved phones of today. I really like slim phones so that’s why it caught my attention. And its specifications are also way up there! It’s stylish, classical and very high quality too. But I couldn’t afford it before because there were more important things than buying a new phone.

Yesterday I didn’t have a cellphone. I didn’t know what to do! I wasn’t even able to sleep. I kept thinking how I can communicate with Tim and my friends and everyone! And I couldn’t even access my Chikka account! I can’t register with other free text sites because I won’t be able to verify it without my cellphone number. Thankfully there’s the INTERNET! The joy of emailing and instant messaging. I wouldn’t have survived without it. I asked for help from my friends who were online. I asked JonhaR, Teddy and my other brother – Sev(who was in school and also thankfully online) to text Tim and inform him that I sent him an email and could he go online so we could IM as well. So around 4PM Tim finally got online. He was out traveling again so that’s what took him so long to IM me. I told him about what happened to my bro’s phone. And he suggested that I use his phone instead. To make the long story short, we asked Sev if he could pick up Tim’s cellphone after his class. Sev agreed and he arrived around 9PM with Tim’s cellphone. Then I was able to text! Tim has a spare phone  by the way, his old beat up Nokia (forgot what unit) which is still functioning.

And you know what the first message I received was? It was from Miss Lareza of Callbox’s Human Resources Department telling me that I can get my backpay the next day (which is today). I immediately thanked the Lord after reading that text! He really loves me. He doesn’t want me and my job to suffer. He has perfect timing. Or a great sense of humor. I think he wanted to test my patience and how I will handle the situation – a day without a cellphone (naks!). Just to clear things up – I’m not materialistic okay. I just need certain stuffs for my daily life.

So today, I bought myself my dream phone after getting my backpay from Callbox! I’m learning how to use it right now. And I’m loving every single part of it. It’s more than I expected. Again I thank the Lord for always making a way. And for all the blessings he has given me. I’m so blessed!


and it came with this cute red pouch too!

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