What a day!

I bought this 2 cool footwears yesterday and I’m so proud of them that I took photos so I could post them here on my blog. You won’t believe how cheap they cost! Wanna know? Just ask me! They’re so cute. I love yellow. I already have a yellow slip on but I decided to buy another once because my feet look good in yellow. LOL. And I also love white footwears. I’m always buying white sandals and this is like the umpteenth one (exaggerates!).

Anyway, yesterday after I hit the bank I went to Spa Riviera again to have a body massage and foot scrub. My back has been aching for almost a week now (it’s still aching but the massage has relieved the pain somehow).  I don’t know if the reason of the backache is my bad posture, the long hours of just sitting in front of the laptop or because of my Tae Bo/aerobics/workouts. Anyhow, I won’t stop the physical exercises because I’m so intent on getting slim and healthy. It’s one of my goals this year remember? I won’t write here what else I did yesterday because it’s going to take a lot more time. LOL. I was alone when I invaded the malls and the spa yesterday because Tim got delayed in coming back here again so I let out my frustration by shopping not only for me but for the people I love as well. I had a good time pampering myself. It wasn’t so bad.

And now my bebeh is back from his week-long traveling again. He arrived today. He was here this afternoon just to see me because he knows I miss him (duh!). His work is really a handful. Don’t know when they’re going to add a new IT guy who could help with some of the work. No use getting all worked up right now because I’m in a really good mood. The weekend is near and we’re going to have fun with Monica! Just finished chatting with her and we decided to watch the movie “Watchmen” at SM City on Saturday. I’m excited! I know the three of us are going to have fun, we always do. :)


the white Greek sandals..


the yellow slip-ons..

I am so ready for summer! Now for the clothes…. ;)

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