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birthday-girl Wow! I’m going to be a year older on the 15th! I can’t believe I’m OLD! Five days before the big day…

I haven’t written anything lately. It’s not because I’m too busy but because I didn’t have internet connection for a week. Can you believe it? A WEEK?!! Imagine the damage it did to my daily tasks. I hated SmartBro so bad last week that I kept calling their dumb CSRs. Those people don’t know how to handle their customers on the phone. I guess being an ex-call center agent makes me way too critical of them. But sorry guys from Smart, I just don’t like you.

I went to Antique last February 1st to attend my  Lola’s 76th Birthday. My Lola has a lot of Priest friends. Hehe. I had fun and bonded with my cousins. We went to the beach and took a dip even though it was freezing. Aling and I stayed in the water for only like 10-15 minutes. We took so many photos of ourselves and I’m going to post them here and at my Friendster account as soon as I finish resizing them all. I really should start utilizing my Flicker account for this.


Then last Saturday, February 7th was our Lord’s Day. Tim and I are officially full-pledged members of the CFC Singles for Christ Oton Chapter! We had a great celebration. After the prayers and dinner we had a program where each group had to present an intermission number. There were just 13 of us left so we split into 2 groups. The other group presented an acoustic number and we also did the same thing – except the other group got to practice while we did not. We sucked but we didn’t care because we had fun and we enjoyed it! I also did a song number with my brother – Sev. We sang Linkin Park’s “Leave Out All The Rest.” It’s a song from the movie Twilight. He played the guitar. Toto sings very well while I was a nervous wreck and I kinda like sang out of tune most of the time. Hehehe. But still I don’t care because I was having fun! All I can say is that being a part of the Singles for Christ is so much better that being with the Youth for Christ!


And here’s the best part – my bebeh was appointed by Sis Baby as the participants’ official spokesperson. Hehehe. FYI – the participants were us- the Singles for Christ hopefuls and Sis Baby was a part of the SFC Service Team. Tim’s task was to be the one who’ll give a short speech about basically his experiences during the Christian Life Program, his realizations and to give thanks to everyone. To the SFC Service Team, the Brothers and Sisters from the Couples for Christ who helped them particularly Bro. Joebert Toledo whose the SFC Coordinator, Bro. DeeGee Paredes and everyone who made the CLP a success. I know for a fact that my bebeh is a “shy” person and he doesn’t usually do public speaking (although he tells me that he did give speeches when he was in high school). But my bebeh surprised me and he made me proud. Because not only did he make the best speech EVER (love you beh.. :-*) but he was also really confident in delivering it. Everyone laughed at his “metaphorical jokes” (he makes a lot of that all the time with me :D ) and listened to every word he said (at least that’s what I observed). I’m just so proud of my bebeh.


Well that’s it guys. I’ll be making the most of my 5 days as a 23 year old girl and I’m looking forward to my birthday. The day after Valentine’s Day. :) TTYL!

more photos…. :)


goofing around..


with my cousins…


tickle torture..


at the beach with Alyssa..sunset..


the beach..




singing “With A Smile”  of the Eraserheads..


our group’s presentation..


the duet..hehehe..


SFC Oton Chapter




my bebeh and me.. :)

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