First Post for the Year 2009

holy-spirit1 I was doing my tasks at 4 in the morning when a revelation suddenly hit me. Well not really a revelation (just exaggerating ;) ) but something like a realization, something that was always there although I didn’t know it was there.

I just finished chatting with an ex co-worker and she just told me a lot of very nice things. I won’t write it here though because I’m too shy. Hehe. What she said made me really feel good about myself and it made me think that I made the right decisions. I might sound vague but I don’t really want to rant and rave about that “stuff” here in my blog right now. Just want to let this all out of my mind and my system. I think I have finally earned the respect of the people around me. They didn’t know that I was this strong, that I was such a risk-taker. Or I’m crazy enough to dive in to something I’ve never tried doing before. And that I’ve proven to them that what I did was right. And that they didn’t think that I’ll be this successful. They tried to discourage me, but no way am I going to let them do that. I don’t care about what other people think right? Hehe. So here I am now – people that I barely knew before wants to be my best friend now. People who barely knew I exist suddenly calls or texts me asking how I’m doing and if I’m alright (now who gave them my number??).  As if I’m that dumb to be fooled by them. I’m not a bad person, it’s just that I’m so overwhelmed by all this hypocrisy around me. Are people that desperate nowadays?

Anyway, enough about that. A little idea on what I do when I’m at work. Being alone makes me think of various ways to entertain myself. And one of them is by plurking. I have a Plurk account so when I don’t feel like writing in my blog I just plurk. It’s a great way of documenting the things one does everyday while meeting new friends at the same time. I’m actually friends with Paulo Coelho now. Hahaha! And I’m now an avid reader and responder of his plurks, his blog and his books. So back to the reason why I’m ranting about Plurk. I wrote a sentence there which turned into a paragraph and in turn inspired me to write my very first blog post for the year 2009. I don’t want to rewrite it so I’m going to copy it here exactly the way I plurked it. I don’t want to corrupt the original thoughts and feelings that were going through my head while I was writing those lines. Here goes:

people say i’m lucky coz i started doing this thing while i’m still young..

i think they’re right..although when i was just a kid, i didn’t know what i’ll be when i grow up.

while everybody else was thinking or dreaming of becoming a doctor, a lawyer, a nurse, an engineer, a nun – i was not so clear about what i’m going to be “when i grow up.”

i didn’t even know what course i’m going to take in college. my mamang hoped that i would become a teacher like her, but sadly –

it was not meant to be..i regret so many things in my life, but i don’t regret the decision i made 4 months ago. it has made me become the successful person i am today. and i’m going to value this opportunity, i won’t let all of  this go to waste. i will nurture this until this grows bigger and bigger.

God showed his love to me this way. so i’m not going to disappoint him. i also thank the person who started this role. without him to guide me the first time i wouldn’t have learned anything at all.

i am also thankful for having a wonderful family. who doubted at first but that’s how families are supposed to be, they keep you grounded and they make you think, they make you grow up, be mature.  but they’re very supportive now after seeing that i made the right decision.

gods-gift-logoand I‘m also thankful for having a wonderful bebeh who loves me so much and who always always support me.  i’m so lucky and so blessed to have him. he is definitely God’s Gift to me.

That’s it guys. So much for the first blog post of the year. Welcome 2009! It’s the year of the Ox. Maybe I’ll have more good luck this year. Thank you Lord for all the blessings I received last year. And for all the blessings to come.

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