It's December! Yeyyy!


Can you believe it? It’s already December and 2008 is going to end in like 28 days! How quickly time flies these days – even if you’re not having fun.

Anyway, I’ve finished reading Veronica Decides To Die (Paulo Coelho) already. Actually I finished reading it last week. It’s a really good book. Hey guys do you know if its okay if I post excerpts of the novel here in my blog? Like my favorite lines and that kind of stuff? I mean I won’t be having copyright issues if I do that right? As long as I cite Paulo Coelho always? And I could also link his website here. Because I really want to write those beautiful and meaningful lines here. So I could share it to y’all so I could convince all of you to buy this book as well! You’ll get your money’s worth and you’ll learn something. I promise. Tim is reading it now. At least I think he is.

By the way, I still haven’t gotten over Twilight yet. What a great movie. Sometimes I wish I have a vampire for a boyfriend to. They’re just so handsome and cool. At least that’s how I see them in the movies. I’m going to buy a DVD of Twilight so I could watch it again. Robert Pattinson is the best. He’s really come a long way since portraying the role of Cedric Diggory in the movie Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I’m also looking forward on watching The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. I hear its a great movie. I have to read the novel its based on too. Written by John Boyne.

Found more songs entitled Mary Jane yesterday. Although I’m not sure if the composers wrote the song about a person or a thing. You know what I mean. The Click Five’s Mary Jane is on repeat mode in my head. I’m having the last song syndrome again.

Hhmmmm. What else am I going to write about. Tim is in Roxas again since yesterday. I wonder when he’ll be back. Lately he’s been complaining a lot – more than the usual on how he’s so tired of traveling. Its part of his job so he has to do it. Its great to travel, but he got tired of it. I feel sorry for him. Well that’s it. Just wanted to welcome December. Christmas is near. So excited! Til my next post!

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