more articles about Mamang!

Hey guys!

Here are more articles written about Mamang, I found them earlier so feel free to read them all!

1.  Department of Education – Republic of the Philippines

DepEd Recognizes Outstanding SPED Teachers, Centers

2.  Philippine Star  – The Filipino Global Community  (

DepEd honors SPED teachers

By Rainier Allan Ronda

3.   Wellsphere – Health Knowledge Made Personal

Children With Mental Retardation

4.   Madyaas PEN, The Panay’s Reliable News Weekly – Madyaas Publishing

Ilonggo Olympians Ready For Special Olympics World Summer Games

By Aex P. Vidal

5.   2007 Special Olympics World Summer Games

Head Coach

6.   2007 Special Olympics World Summer Games

AP.SO Philippines (Coaches)

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