What's up Jane?

I can’t believe it! It’s already November! Year 2008 is going to end in less than two months (sigh). This year has been so good to me. I have a new job – which can pay the bills mind you. Thanks Mauricio! (I know you’re reading this) :)

I haven’t had the time to write about what’s been happening in my life lately. And I think I have to update my friends who are asking me  what I’ve been up to lately. Well guys – here it goes:

1. Tim and I are joining the CFC Singles for Christ and it’s about time. My brother Sev whose an SFC has been recruiting me since I don’t know when. We have to attend their Christian Life Program for 14 consecutive Sunday afternoons so we will be certified members. It’s great that Tim is also joining. Aside from the “quality time” and the “pa-good shot” with my parents, I get to meet other singles who are God-fearing and mature as well.

2. Tim has slept at our house! Yey!! It’s great that Papang agreed to let him stay for a night at the house. Even though the reason why he stayed for the night was because he had to help me out in installing the Magic Jack. It hasn’t happened before that’s why I’m so happy. It only shows that my parents do trust me.

3. My friends and ex-coworkers at Callbox are pestering me to make “libre.” Well sure guys but we have to set a date and time for that alright? ;)

4. Someone thought that I’m a “party girl” after reading one of my posts here. Well I’m not. I just love to go out once in a while. And that’s when Papang allows me to. It’s weird right? Be 23 and to have to ask permission from your father to go out? Maybe it’s because I’m an only girl. But hey I’m 23! Other girls my age have a couple of babies or more already!

5. I’m looking forward to Christmas time! I love giving gifts and of course receiving them. You know what to do Nang Janice. Victoria’s Secret? Hehehe. Miss you Nang! Miss you Shey! Miss you Amy! I miss everyone. :(

6. I’m also looking forward to meeting the Iloilo Bloggers! Junelle said we’re going to have a Christmas party too.

7. I don’t know why but I’ve been listening to America and Alanis Morrisette’s songs lately. Ironic and Lonely People is on repeat mode on my playlist.

Hhmmm..what else can I tell you? Well I think that’s it for now guys, I’ll just update all of you again of what’s occupying my time these days. I still have work to do. Tahtah!

Listen to this guys and tell me what you think. I’m a big America fan too.


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