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I have been browsing the www for freelance jobs online and I was overwhelmed by the number of opportunities that I found. Unfortunately, most of these jobs require “professionals/providers” to pay a basic fee in order to be a member. Although the companies that I stumbled upon were legitimate ones I am still hesitant to pay those membership fees because obviously I don’t have the “dollars” or even a Paypal account for that matter. I don’t want to risk anything–yet. I’m new to this kind of thing so its only right that I ask around first and look at my options. Anyway I have heard from friends and acquaintances that there are online freelance job companies out there that requires no fees.

Maybe you whose reading this right now is wondering why I’m looking for jobs online. If you have read my past posts, you would have noticed that I try to enjoy my job even though its so boring and redundant. I am able to “endure” my job because of the salary and the people I work with. If it weren’t for these 2 reasons, I would’ve resigned a long time ago. As a college undergraduate, I think I don’t have a very good chance of finding jobs that could rival the salary that I make now (or I’m just too lazy to find out if there is that kind of job out there. If there is, feel free to email me. :) ). Our department’s outings thankfully stops the redundancy even for just a couple of days. So unless someone’s going to offer me a great salary out there, I stay here.

I have heard of people who makes money by freelancing online. They just stay at home, face their computers, do those part-time jobs and bam! they get paid weekly or monthly or whatever terms they want. All they need are their PCs or laptops and an internet connection. They make their own schedules. They don’t answer to moody supervisors or face deadlines and quotas. I want to earn money that way too! So that’s why I’m wasting time searching for those freelance jobs. If anyone can suggest a company that has no membership fee and is helpful to beginners like me I would really appreciate it and I’ll be willing to give you a commission if I’ll be successful too.

I have a better suggestion/idea though. I might as well advertise myself here in my blog. If anyone’s looking for a freelance researcher; copy editor/writer; English to Filipino or Filipino to English translator; Admin/Secretarial provider for data entry, word processing or general virtual assistance; and my forte telemarketing—I’m here, just an email away. Feel free to contact me, I will greatly appreciate it. No spammers please. Looking forward to having business with you.

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