Singles For Christ's outreach day to the victims of typhoon Frank at Jaro..

I have mentioned before that my parents are members of Couples for Christ, Oton Chapter. Well I am a member also of Youth for Christ. I actually joined when I was still in my third year in high school, I was 15 that time. I’m still a member although I’m inactive. My brother-Sev on the other hand is already affiliated with Singles for Christ (I should move on to their organization actually because I’m over the age bracket for YFC.) and they have activities suited for “singles” and young professionals. They’re actually a serious bunch but they also know how to have FUN.

As part of their outreach program, they organized a relief operation to selected residents of Barangay Buntatala last July 13th. This barangay is part of Jaro, Iloilo City. We actually lived here before my parents decided to transfer to Oton 8 years ago. They were greatly affected by typhoon Frank and their houses were all flooded out. Families were staying at the elementary school which has a second floor. When we went there they were still cleaning the school, clearing out the mud and all things that can’t be used anymore.

Here are photos of their outreach day:

This is my Alma Mater. Look at what Frank did!

The Singles for Christ (with Tito Manny, Papang and Mamang):

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