My Sunday: Faith, School, Mamang, Gloria and E-VAT

Yesterday was Sunday and it was my parent’s schedule to hold their weekly household prayer meeting at our home. My parents are members of Couples for Christ-Oton Chapter. I had to do a major clean-up of our house especially the living room. I had to get the dust off the furnitures, wax the floor and put everything back to their proper places. Having four younger brothers in the house and all of them going to school, imagine the mess they make. I used to clean the house everyday but these days I do it like once a week. :)

Its not because I’ve become lazy but I work at night right? So I’m already tired when I get home and I only have the strength to take a bath , brush my teeth and head off to bed. That’s why when I do have the time to clean up, its like a tornado went through our house and messed everything up. Its that BAD. :)

Anyway its worth it when I see the satisfaction and smiles on my brothers’ faces when they see the house spotless again. Although it won’t take them two days to turn the house upside down again.

At lunch, my Mamang lectured my three younger brothers about LIFE. She told them, Vinboy in particular, to study hard, finish college and find a job if they want to have their own business and if they want to be their own boss. She told the three of them also that if they want to, they could work abroad. Because the Philippines is just not the country with many opportunities anymore. She said: “Kung gusto niyo mag-asenso, skwela kamo maayo. Pangita kamo sang maayo nga obra sa sagwa sang Pilipinas. Kay hindi kamo magmanggaranon diri, gin-ubos na ni Gloria kawat ang tanan nga manggad sang Pilipinas kag wala na nabilin para sa inyo . Tapos, balik kamo diri patindog negosyo nga kamo ang boss. Para makabulig man kamo sa Pilipinas.” (If you want to succeed in life, study hard. Find a really nice job outside the Philippines because if you want to get rich, you won’t get rich if you just stay here. Because Gloria has stolen all our country’s wealth already and there’s nothing left here for you. After that come back here and put up your own business, be your own boss. In doing that you may be able to help your country too.)

Gloria by the way to those who don’t know is the first name of our president-Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. What probably triggered my Mamang’s untimely lecture is the sudden increase of the prices of everything. From food, clothing, all commodities, especially the FARE. Having 4 children who goes to school, that’s a big blow to our budget.

This is caused by the soaring prices of gasoline in the world market and it has affected everything. It would have been okay if only our salaries increased as well. So its kind of hopeless to stay in this country for my Mamang. I can’t blame her for thinking that way. Gloria should listen to the people and get rid of E-VAT. NOW! It should make things easier for all of us.

I hate to admit this but I regret voting for Gloria. I had high expectations of her. But everything has gotten worse. She still has the time to redeem herself. Please listen to the people and stop thinking only of yourself!

With all of this happening, I’m still being optimistic. I know that this things, the problems our country is facing will be over, if not soon. Filipinos are strong people, we are fighters. We’ll get over this! My friends who know me well knows that as much as possible I don’t want to work abroad. I want to stay here in our country! If I do go to other countries it would be because I’m just traveling, not because I’ll be working there. I love it here. Gloria is giving me reasons to think twice about all of my decisions, my plans. She’s making all our lives suck! I can’t help thinking that Mamang is right. (sigh)

I have to stop ranting now. I should go back to work. Damn Gloria!

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