OTON, Iloilo: The Place To Be

My family and I have been living in Oton for 8 years now. We lived in Jaro, Iloilo City before but my parents decided to transfer residence because the land that our house is standing at, which was owned by the Locsin family was sold to the Iloilo government to be used as the relocation site of the squatters of Ticud, LaPaz.

I didn’t know the reasons why my parents chose Oton as our new residential address before. But now, after 8 years, I finally know why. And typhoon Frank is one of the reasons.  :)

Oton is a 20 to 30 minute ride from downtown Iloilo city so its really not that far. Its a home for the many who are seeking for fresh air to go home to; no pollution.

The police officers of Oton are actually the most reliable ones in the whole province and they’ve been awarded because of that. There’s practically no crime rate in our town. Which is good for me because I work the graveyard shift. My parents don’t worry too much because they know that I’ll be safe when I go out at night.

Best of all, Oton is on higher land thats why its not prone to floods. While the rest of Panay Island suffered much due to typhoon Frank, we only suffered power outage for a week like I’ve mentioned in my previous blog entries.

The people of Oton are also very nice, when we first moved here, we felt welcomed right away because Ogtonganons are almost always smiling and in fact its known as the “Municipality of Character.”

As Roman Catholics we were happy to know that one of the first beautiful churches in the Philippines was built here and now we’re proud parishioners of the La Immaculada  Concepcion Parish Church. My family is active in joining church activities.

There are many subdivisions in Oton, no wonder its called the residential hub of Iloilo. Basically because of  its proximity to the city and being a coastal town, we have the benefit of relishing the blessings of the sea and its beautiful beaches. The farms also give us bountiful agricultural products like rice, vegetables and fruits like watermelons(Oton grows the best!), corns, mangoes, bananas, etc.

Do I need to add more reasons why we love living in Oton? :)

Oton really is THE PLACE TO BE!

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