Our Favorite Haunts

my bebeh and i love to go to different places in and out of the city (but, i can’t beat him because his job takes him to various places outside iloilo, check out his page in the future to see pictures of the places he’s been to. ^_^).

here are some of the places we frequently haunt:
Villa Rica Beach Resort in Oton

this is one of the most popular beaches in my hometown. people from the city usually come here on weekends particularly during the summer. we love to sit in the sand, watch the waves, just talk and eat the junk foods we bought from the public market or the small grocery store in town.

once i went there by myself. nag-away kami, drama ko ya eh..hehe..i got scared because i went there mga around 5 na and medyo gamay lang tao. syempre, ang mary jane nanugid sa bebeh eh nga ato ko didto kag kung pwede kadtuan nya ko kay medyo scared ko gani..hehehe..naakigan pa ko..bad mary jane! hindi na ko kuno mag-drama pareho sadto liwat..

anyway, Villa Rica Beach is a nice place to go to when we want some peace and quiet.

(pictures of Villa Rica Beach coming soon.. ^_^)
The Malls

of course my bebeh and i haunt the malls too. we either go to SM City, SM Delgado, MaryMart or Robinson’s Place. he is always up to date with the new movies even before its showing date so alert kami maglantaw.

he’s always checking out the toys section at the deparment store for toys and ek eks to bring home to his nephew (nice tito! ^_^) he seldom buys things for himself because he says he’d rather eat and buy abobots for Alex (and for Toto Hans also if he’s here. ^_^) than to indulge himself.

we play arcade games too at Game Galaxy on the 3rd floor. binata-bata nga games ah..hehe..we collect the tickets nga nadaugan namon sa games and which are now stuffed on my aparador at home. ambot anuhon ko to ky hindi pa man damu-damu para mapabayluhan na sang mga toys, etc. sa Game Gal. padamuon lang namon anay ni bebeh ah. ^_^

((pictures of the malls coming soon.. ^_^)
Plaza Oton

after going to church galagaw-lagaw man kami ni bebeh sa plaza sang Oton. we like it there because of the tall trees, canopied gazebos (which look scary because daw my mahulog nga snakes or insects anytime..hehe). pero katawhay lang sa plaza ky malamig (because of the trees) and namian si bebeh maglantaw sa mga gahampang basketball. basta, kasadya lang because damu kami makita.

(pictures of the plaza coming soon.. ^_^)
[more of our favorite haunts soon.. ^_^]

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